St John's Kirk

St John's Kirk - renovations

The Trust for St John's Kirk of Perth recently funded and commissioned improvements to the interior of St John's Kirk. As part of this work Alder was employed by the Trust to record the archaeology that was exposed during the work. Much disarticulated human bone was found inside the church, as well as the partial remains of 11 skeletons. (Where possible, the skeletons were left in situ; all bones found inside the church were reburied inside the church.)

St JohnsSt Johns

A number of architectural stones were also found, including pieces of black limestone ('Tournai marble'), as well as medieval pottery, glass, animal bone, nails and a Neolithic flint blade. Foundation scarcements for the N and S walls of the nave and choir survived as well as foundation plinths for the pillars of the N and S arcades of the choir.

Black Marble

A piece of black limestone recovered during the work.

Outside the church, in the former graveyard, more disturbed human bones and the partial remains of 16 skeletons were found. The graveyard was found to extend at least as far W as the pavement outside the City Hall and as far N as the entrance to Kirkgate, where it had been extended over the medieval midden of the burgh.

On the N side of the church, a former cellar/boiler room for the East Church was revealed as well as a double chamfered scarcement for the N wall of the choir. On one of the stones was a mason's mark.

St Johns

Excavation of trench for a new drain at the S end of Kirkgate. The trench here is cut into an old graveyard soil

On the W side of the church, remains of the W and E walls of the old Meal Market were found, as well as of two walls that were cut into the graveyard near the church.

St JohnsSt Johns

The walls of the former Meal Market revelaed in trenches outside the City Hall.

St Johns