Staff Profiles

David Bowler, BA, MPhil, FSA Scot, MIfA  -  Director

David has been working in Scottish archaeology since 1983.  He holds a BA Honours in Classics and Classical Archaeology from McGill University in Montreal, and an M Phil in Roman Archaeology from the University of Oxford.  He worked for three years in the Department of Urban Archaeology of the Museum of London , excavating and directing complex multi-period sites from Roman to early modern. Between 1983 and 2009 David worked for SUAT, designing, directing and reporting on excavations in Perth, Dundee, Dunbar , and other towns.   In 2004 he published a monograph on the development of Perth for the Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee.   In 2009 he formed Alder Archaeology Ltd.

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Ray Cachart  -  Senior Project Officer

As an introduction to archaeology Ray worked as a volunteer on two excavations in Israel in 1972, Tel Anafa and Tel Sheva in the Negev Desert under the directorship of Y Aharoni of Tel Aviv University. Ray worked for SUAT in the early 1980s and became a permanent member of their staff in 1987.  In 1986 he worked for a season on the excavation of the Roman fort at Elginhaugh near Dalkeith, Midlothian.  He directed the excavations at the medieval harbour in Perth in 1988 and since then has carried out desk-based assessments, site evaluations, excavations and watching briefs in numerous burghs across Scotland.  He also worked on the Urban Monitoring Programme, assessing the impact of development on sites in the historic burghs, a project funded by Historic Scotland.  Ray was assistant Director at Caerlaverock Castle and at Horse Cross in Perth.


Chris Fyles, MA, FSA Scot, PCIfA  -  Project Officer


Chris holds an MA in Archaeology and Prehistory and worked with SUAT from 2002- 2007, joining Alder Archaeology in 2014. He is highly experienced in fieldwork and has conducted and written up numerous solo briefs including lengthy walkover surveys in the Western Isles, the Grampians and elsewhere. He has taken part in or directed large and small-scale excavations throughout the British Isles, including medieval sites- such as Abernethy, Perthshire, Kindrochit Castle, Braemar and most recently Perth Theatre- and prehistoric sites at Slackbuie, Inverness, Inverkeillor, Angus, Hallhole Farm, Perthshire and a large-scale community project at East Lomond Hillfort, Fife (where he assisted OJT Heritage Ltd). As well as doing general fieldwork, Chris specialises in electronic survey and site illustration. This has included countless EDM and photographic building surveys, such as early industrial complexes at Stanley Mills, Perth and Bells Mills, Edinburgh, consolidation work at Blairfindy Castle , Glenlivet and numerous farmsteads, churches and houses.


David Perry, MA  -  Historian and Archaeologist

David studied at Aberdeen University where he obtained an MA in Scottish and European history since 1000.  He is familiar with Scotland' s many historical archives, and his skill in palaeography enables him to read early manuscripts in Latin and Scots, as well as published sources.  During his time working for SUAT, David worked on excavation and post-excavation projects on various sites in Scotland.  His report on the Dunbar Castle Park group of sites was published as a Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Monograph in 2000.  He has also written a series of archaeological overviews of the historic burghs of Arbroath, Elgin, Inverness and Dunfermline, published in PSAS and TAFAJ; that on Dundee was published as a monograph by the Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee. He has worked on a review of graveyard surveys in Tayside, Fife and Dumfries and Galloway for Historic Scotland, and has done research on HS-funded projects on moated sites, monastic granges and monastic industries, gathering data from the various national archives in Edinburgh and elsewhere. He co-authored and edited the report on the MSC-funded excavations carried out in Peebles and Kelso in the mid 1980s (published as a SAIR report) and wrote the report on the MSC-funded excavations in Ayr published in 2012.  His report on the MSC-funded Perth High Street Archaeological Excavation (Marks and Spencer) was published in 2011. He has also written two articles on the deserted village of Pitmiddle in the Carse of Gowrie for the Archaeological and Historical Section of the Perthshire Society of Natural Science.  He is currently Treasurer of the PSNS.

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Catherine Smith, BSc  -  Archaeozoologist

Catherine graduated from Dundee Institute of Technology/Northern College with a BSc and a Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education (Biology).  In 1980 she began working on Scottish animal bone for the Perth High Street Archaeological Excavation committee (PHSAE).  Catherine worked for SUAT for over 20 years during which time she studied and reported on mammal and bird bone assemblages from sites all over Scotland including Aberdeen, Dunbar, Glasgow, Inverness, Elgin, Perth, St Andrews and Orkney. These sites ranged in date from the Neolithic to the medieval and post-medieval periods.  For some years she has been building up an already established comparative collection of skeletal material of British birds and mammals, to assist in identification of bone from archaeological sites.  Research topics in which she is specifically interested include the linking of literary and archaeological evidence for medieval fleshing practices; the relationship between animal bones and human nutrition; animal diseases and the evidence from bone pathology; and the use of bone as a raw material in artefact manufacture.  Catherine is a member of the Association of Environmental Archaeology, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and is book sales secretary for the Abertay Historical Society.

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