Alder Archaeology Building Recordings

Historic Building Recording

When renovation or demolition of a historic building is needed, local authorities may ask for an archaeological building recording to take place, to create a lasting record of the structure.  The level (intensity) of survey required will normally be stipulated in the plannning condition.  Levels range from simple one off photographic records to full analytical surveys depending on the importance of the structure.  Some of the higher levels of survey will involve the creation of a number of plans, elevations and sections of the building, to support the written report.  

Alder staff are experienced in carrying out building surveys in Scotland and have been involved recording farmsteads, second world war remains, factories as well as castles over the years. We can quickly record accurate elevations and plans of structures electronically, minimising the cost to your development.

Alder Historic Building Recording

Farmstead at Mains of Glasclune, Blairgowrie

Alder Historic Building Recording

A 3D Reconstruction of the farmstead at Mains of Glasclune